About This Project

Sometimes even small local businesses need professional marketing assistance.

This is exactly the case of Fruits Inc., a company located in San Diego, CA. We developed a new marketing strategy from scratch to attract more customers to their products and services.

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Our Team

Nathan Porter

CEO, Founder

Mr. Porter founded our company in 1995 with a vision to help companies in the US achieve more. Today he manages the most important processes of COST Accountant.

Jean Thompson

Project Manager

Jean not only works with our special clients, she also manages the work of the biggest COST Accountant department and assists in Business Plan Development.

Brian Payne


Brian is responsible for providing financial guidance and support to our clients and employees so they can make sound business decisions.

Marie Fernandez

Marketing Manager

Marie is an acknowledged professional when it comes to managing our marketing campaigns and promotional events. She is our #1 marketing manager.


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